Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Making a personalized online course - Gooru + Eliademy

  If you visit Gooru, you might be alarmed to find its teaching and learning platform designed for personalized learning. Korea has its own Cyber Home School system. But it's far from individualized teaching and learning which is suited for students' level and interest.
  You can assign each section item of courses to individual students through Gooru. You can copy the link of the item and send it to the students. As a teacher, you can watch the progress of the students.
  If you can make your own  course in Eliademy, it means you can organize your students and course more systematically. Your students can be enrolled onto Eliademy and you can assign each item of contents from Gooru to your students through Eliademy. It's Brave a New World. How easy it is to make your own Little Open Online Course which is customized for your students' needs and levels. When it's free, there's no need for hesitation. Just dive in.

Gooru in Eliademdy

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