Monday, March 3, 2014

Course Smart : E-book or E-Textbook Rental Service

   If you think print books are better than e-books, you are in the same boat with me. However, unfortunately print books are losing their ground business-wise. Money is flowing into e-book business. If you have paper books, don't throw them away. They will become expensive in the near future. People will miss paper books and their fragrance. They share your soul and thinking as soon as you grab them and read them. However, e-books will replace them and communicate with you in the different ways. People feel happy when they are connected with other people. E-books will play the role. 
  The following web service shows how digital textbooks can be used. However, it doesn't offer its rental service to Korea. Nevertheless, you can take glimpse of what would happen in the textbook markets in Korea in the near future.

Course Smart

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