Friday, March 7, 2014

3M - Post it? No. It's E-books

Most of you think it's about 'Post it' when you hear '3M'. However, this time it's different. Although 3M has focused on its analogue business, it adapts and sticks to digital world. Now, you will experience posting your memo onto ebooks. Why do you think 3M directed their eyes to digital books instead of its traditional business? Yes, it's Brave the New Digital World. In a few more years people won't need 'Post it' anymore. They have digital alternatives. 3M learned the lessons from Kodak case and they don't want to follow the suit. Clever. 3M will get people to use their digital 'Post it' while they read e-books. If you still don't get the message, you need to examine the difference between 'Post it' and its digital counterpart.

3M e-books

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