Sunday, December 15, 2013

Hobbit - the Desolation of Smaug (2학년 수업)

 (Bilbo Baggins) Truly, the tales and songs 1._____ utterly short of your enormity O Smaug, the Stupendous. [marching drumbeat] We are the Dwarves of Elevor. We have come to 2.__________ our homeland. I offer you my help. How do we know he won't 3.__________ us? We don't. (Legolas) There is no King Under the Moutain, nor will there ever be. (Tauriel) It will not end here. With every victory this evil will grow. (male) Legolas has grown very 4.________ of you. Do not give him hope, where there is none. (Bard the Bowman) You have no 5.________ to enter that mountain. (Thorin) I have the only right. (Gandalf) We've been 6.________, I found something in the garden. What did you find? My 7._______. (Gandalf) Good.  You'll need it. (Bard the Bowman) Dragonfire and 8.________, that is what you will bring upon us. He cannot see beyond his own desire! (Thorin) I will not risk this 9._________ for the life of one burglar. His name is Bilbo. Where are you? Come now, don't be 10._________. Step into the light. [growl]

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