Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The one reason English teachers need ipad 2 or New ipad

I didn't buy ipad 1 but I bought ipad 2 as soon as it was available here in Korea. Do you know why? It was because I could do extensive reading with my students. I had researched into how I could implement extensive reading effectively with middle school students while I was studying at the Graduate School of Korea National University of Education. I have believed extensive reading is one of the most effective way of teaching English in EFL environment.    

Guess how I felt when I found out people could read ebooks or book applications through ipad and how I got disappointed when I noticed ipad 1 didn't support mirroring except videos or
limited number of applications. I just gave up buying ipad 1 because I felt it was useless for my teaching. However, when apple launched ipad 2 with full function of mirroring, I couldn't wait to buy it because it was my dream came true. I was so thrilled because then I could show book applications to my students.

<picture from my ipad 'ibooks'>

That was the beginning of my love for ipad 2. As an English teacher, ibooks, Amazon Kindle Bookstore and book applications are just blessings. Those books are the first and the foremost reason English teachers need ipad 2 or New Ipad.

When I have some free time to spend, I visit ibooks store and search free books for my students and myself. I always find new interesting books which are free!! Today I read three ebooks chosen from my ibook shelf. It was touching even for me although they were stories for kids. I'm sure my students will like them. Why don't you use ipad for implementing your extensive reading. It will just fly.

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