Friday, August 3, 2012

Smart Classes

Using smart phones and tablet PCs in your classroom.

I face some people having strong objection to using smart devices in their classrooms. I understand their view point that analogue is the best. I can agree with the idea that letters written using human hands with pens are the best. However, email is convenient and the interaction is really fast, which is incomparable to written letters. Here I'd like to ask them again. If you can facilitate interaction with your students and elicit your students' participation into your classes, Why not?

I admire people living alone in deep mountains, the Brave Analogue environment. However, they're not the teachers but we are. I believe that as a teacher, we need to think about the strengths of new technology before just saying "I don't like it"

I respect and like Hawthorne who wrote 'Waldon' but I cannot respect him if he just say I won't use computers when I teach English because he doesn't like them.

Know-how of smart classes

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