Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shaping the way we teach

Today I participated in the conference sponsored by U.S embassy. It was the first day of two day's conferrence. The program was given by the University of Oregon which 'shaped the way we teach'- If you search youtube you will find out their 14 modules of teaching suggestion.

                                      <Shaping the way we teach-introduction>
Here I will interpret what I learnend today-it's not describing. Next semester I will teach pop songs club. Typical class would be like having students dictacte what they hear. However, I will try classes considering students' individual difference or learning styles. My pop song class wooud be consisted of 4 or so modules:  language module 1& 2, drawing module, acting module 1& 2, singing modulei. After listening to popsongs each group's of student will do their own tasks. Next in my reading class I can assign different reading tasks according to groups. Each group should answer each own questions while reading the passage As a writing activiy I can make true or false game. The game goes like this. I ask students to write what they did yesterday or what their future dream is. Then, I let them read each other's writing and then divide students into two groups. I will make true or false questions based on students' writing of what they did or what their future dreams are. Each group get the point according to their answer. When both group get the right one, the faster group get 2 points. Here is a speaking activity. For example, I can divide the story of City Mouse and Country Mouse into 6 sections and distribute each section to each group of students. Then, the students begin to make their own skit of stories. The following is websites for teachers. lessonplans.html  <meta-search engines> <recommendation from one of my fellow teachers-Korean websites>

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